Please don't forget to read my first post "MEET KENNEDY" it will give you his story from the begining , It's where you get a glimpse of how we both got to this point in our lives. To a transitioned child...... and as a mother to my daughter to a mother to my son. From an upset misunderstood child to a happy robust boy ready to embrace the world!!

Thank you

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tyra Banks Show Airing

Kennedy and I, and our whole Family traveled to New York to film the Tyra Banks Show about transgender children, it airs....January 27th @ 4pm east and 3pm central time. We all had a blast and got to see New York for the first time!! Madison my oldest hailed her first cab...although we didn't need one soo that was awkward! We all had a great time and filmed a show to tell people about transgender people and children. Kennedy was so proud and so cute...he had a crush on Tyra, kept saying she was beautiful! I was proud of him he was so brave.
Hope you all can tune in.

Thanks, Candice

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Embarrassed to go Potty!

Everyone knows what it feels like to be embarrassed, right?
We have all felt that way once or twice in our life and for me....many times. Although can you imagine being embarrassed about using the restroom? Kennedy brought a friend to dinner with us, he needed to use the restroom so he went off to the bathroom. His friend also had to go so he followed right behind him. Kennedy came running back from the restroom, "mommy I don't want Jonathan to see me go to the girls potty..." I said OK"are you wanting to use the boys?" he said "no then he will see me go in the stall and I am embarrassed about that". Not wanting to go in either bathroom he waited for Jonathan to return and then sped off to the restroom holding him self cause he had to wait. I feel for my child each and every day. He has to experience life a whole different way and have usual situations become an embarrassing one. It is going to be a long road for my little one.

I know it may seem like no big deal to have to wait, but this is just one example of our life struggles. Nothing is just "normal". Although Kennedy has to face more than others in his every day life, he is also very happy and willing to smile everyday...I just hope that continues.

I know that there is no one to blame for these discomforts but if we all try to educate, show passion and understanding we can limit the amount of discomfort along the way.

Thanks for listening!