Please don't forget to read my first post "MEET KENNEDY" it will give you his story from the begining , It's where you get a glimpse of how we both got to this point in our lives. To a transitioned child...... and as a mother to my daughter to a mother to my son. From an upset misunderstood child to a happy robust boy ready to embrace the world!!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

New School, New Start, Same loving boy ready to Blossom!!

Just wanted to update about our new venture!
Kennedy started a new school about two weeks ago. We moved to another part of town and decided to have Kennedy introduced and be known as a boy at the new school. I feel that being a "normal" boy will give Kennedy a chance to blossom even more, no more "what are you?...or, why do you dress like a boy?"...and the one Kennedy hates the most "are you a boy or a girl" questions. Kennedy has always wanted to be just a regular boy in school and doesn't want to be asked every single day why and what are you! Who would?? Anyway we started at this new school and only the staff know that Kennedy is transgender, so far so good. Kennedy is happy and is accepted as a regular boy. He has made lots of friends and no longer gets questioned every single day about what or who he is. Doesn't all mothers want a normal life for their child? I know I want my little one to feel safe and happy at home, school or anywhere he is.
To anyone who wonders If I am deceiving other parents....not at all it is no business what private part my little one has, he doesn't have to disclose something so personal. I don't plan on letting Kennedy spend the night or vice verse unless the parent is made aware that Kennedy is transgender. WHY?? I'm not planning on a whole lot of issues or rather praying they don't happen, although I do feel that if Kennedy wants a friend sleep over or vice verse then he is getting really close to that child and wants to have a close friendship. If I feel that it is a safe environment and I can trust the parents, I may disclose Kennedy's condition, if I don't I won't and will not let the cat of the bag...per say!
I am by no means ashamed of Kennedy or him being transgender, but the masses of people in this world are driven by hate and prejudice and I wont let my child have a large target on his back...nor will I let him be ashamed either!!

I think there can be a balance in life, and as Kennedy gets older I will let him make up his mind how many "know" about him being trans. Although my job right now is to protect him and that is all I am doing. Kennedy is happy as a bug at school and says he has lots of friends! No surprise Kennedy is quite a hoot!!