Please don't forget to read my first post "MEET KENNEDY" it will give you his story from the begining , It's where you get a glimpse of how we both got to this point in our lives. To a transitioned child...... and as a mother to my daughter to a mother to my son. From an upset misunderstood child to a happy robust boy ready to embrace the world!!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just for the record!

I wanted to make one post dedicated to the myth...That I just let my child become what he wanted. Let me quote what I have heard many people say. "My child wanted to be a dog for a while you don't see me letting him live as dog, be a parent and take control"
My child wanted to be a dog too...believe it or not he wanted to eat out of a bowl on the floor. It lasted a little while, then he wanted to be something else! I believe it was a cat, superman, a bug, a bird, and a super hero!
I understand that kids love to be other children are no different but these things come and go. Kennedy has said he was a boy since he was 2! We didn't "give in" to the thought of letting him transition into being a boy socialy untill he was 6 years old. He was getting to the point were he was upset all the time and out of control at school, acting out in defiance! It wasn't till he was 7 that we had completed his transition pro'nouns and all!
My child didn't ask me to be a boy or rather to live as a boy one or two times, or for a few months and I started letting him change ...NO,NO,NO,NO I repeat NO!
Kennedy persisted that he must be a boy, live as a boy, have a boys room, clothes, boy name, boy undies, be a brother, a son etc...his whole life!! Not one, Not one single day for over 5 years went by that he didn't bring it up! Pleading with me to let him "be a boy". Pleading with me to believe him.
This isn't a quick decision, an easy decision, but it is one that I stand behind and I'm proud of!! Im glad that Im not so narrow minded that I ignore my child! That I would be to over wellmed with the way things "should be" to over look the pain my child was feeling! Im so glad I have the mind set to help... and "live and let live" way of thinking. So my little boy can be happy each and everyday during his precious child hood! Isn't that important for any littleone? To have a good feeling in their heart during childhood? Would you rather I let my child live depressed, unhappy, withdrawn, embarassed... Really?? Many parents who follow their hearts, will be able to tell when what needs to be done, should be done! Others may find their unhappy child hanging in their closet someday...because they wern't accepted! Think about it!

Does Santa Know??

So Kennedy wrote Santa a letter like many kids his age do. All about what he wants for Christmas but Kennedy also added that he "thanks him a lot for all his hard work" He also added at the bottom love Kennedy....a boy!
I guess he wanted to make sure Santa knew he was a boy, I asked him about that and he said "well I just want to make sure he doesn't have me down on his list as a girl....I would get a bunch of stuff I don't want" I told him OK, sounds like a good idea Sweets. I'm glad he was thankful for all of Santa's services..hehe and it brings to light how he worries about being mistaken for a girl.
About a month ago Kennedy came to me and said "mom I'm afraid of finding a wife someday" I asked why and he said "because when she finds out how I'm not like a regular boy and stuff she will say eeewww and your gross and get away from me" I let him know that someone will love him just as much as I do someday. He said "are you sure..." I reassured him that he will be loved and accepted as he is and that it will be okay...I just hope I'm right!!
One more thing he also told me when I asked what kind of wife do you think you want sweety he said "a really hot one, pretty you know, and one that is respectful, she will help someone out if they are hurt or needs help" Okay that is that a great kid or what!! And no he pronunced respectful, I love him so much!
Thanks for listening!