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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Please......NO BOOBS MOM!!

Kennedy's older sister is 11 and is starting to grow her boobs. I know very normal and for her very exciting they can't get here fast enough. Kennedy was listening to Madison talk about her new aditions budding, and came running up to me at night while I'm watching the eveining news..."mommy am I going to get boobs too?"
"Well Ken Ken you do have a female body" before I could say much more he started whaleing..."NO...No I cant mom this is not good, I dont want them, I will chop them off...I will hide them .....I will hate them, no mommy I dont want them"
I paused and wasnt sure if I should tell him about the blockers he could take to prevent these Boobs from coming. I wasnt sure being 7 if he was old enough for this discusion., although he was the one freaking out and already telling me that this can't happen and how he will feel about it, so I desided to inform him about blockers. I didn't go into to much detail I just said "Kennedy if you dont want to grow boobs you don't have too, Mommy can get you a medicine to stop them from growing."
You should have seen his face happy as a bug!! "Really, I dont have too, then give me the medicine I need it now!!" I told Kennedy he didn't need the medicine now but when the time came and he still felt the same way that I will give him the medicine to stop the boobs. He was so happy he grabed me and started kisses and huggs saying "thank you, thank you , thank you mommy I feel better just make sure you give me the medicine don't forget". I reassured him I would if he wants it when the time is right and that he is too young right now...he need not to worry any more.

Funniest part of all of this whole story he turned to me and said " ok, but do they have a pill to grow a penis??"
I was shocked and held back my laughs because it was a funny thought....out of the mouths of babes!! I then told him "no honey their isnt a medicine for that".


  1. are handling things beautifully. My girl is transgendered as well and we go through the same issues only the exact opposite. She wants boobs and wishes almost everyday that her penis would just fall off. At this age it is easy to imagine these things can just happen. Thanks you for having the courage to go on TV and talk about this in public. I feel guilty for being " stealth " but you have to go with your situation I guess. Good luck to you and Kennedy from Melissa and Chrissy!

  2. Does he know that if he takes testosterone as a teenager his clitoris will grow and be somewhat like a penis? I have heard that there are transmen who find that almost as fulfilling as the real thing. Anyway, I bet someday stem cell research will make it possible to grow real working reproductive organs in the laboratory for trans people! I hope so!

  3. You are a womnderful Mum, and are handling all this so well.

  4. Hi Candice, just wanted to drop you a line in case you hadn't heard of Camp Aranu'tiq. There's one spot left for summer 2010 if you hurry! It's an outstanding camp and if Kennedy's interested, I bet he'd have a great time.

    Note to InYourFaceNewYorker: There are plenty of Trans men who find their genitals perfectly fulfilling as they are and have no desire for a larger penis or for testicles. Yes, testosterone causes phallic growth, whether the phallus is a penis or a clitoris. It looks exactly like a penis, just smaller. Generally it winds up being about 2-3 inches long when it's done growing (measured while erect, of course).

  5. I have had a very similar talk with my 7 year old daughter about the facial hair that she sees her 13 year old brother growing. She came to me panicked about the idea of growing "gross, disgusting hairs" on her face.

    Thank you for this blog. Sometimes it is good to see we are not alone.

  6. Hi Candice
    I really love yuor site, and it is just such an awesome thing you're doing. We need way more awareness about this issue, so kids can feel comfortable talking about being trans to their paents and their peers. I am married to a trans man, and his life has been made very difficult because of the stigmas put on trans people by society. He is starting his change this year, and it is such an exciting journey to be a part of! I am happy for Kennedy that he has a great support system in you, so he can start his transformation early in life. I have learned so much about acceptance and the stupidity of labels from being in a relationship with a trans man, and I dream of a society where it is no longer a big deal to be transgender. It does seem like there is a slight increase in awareness (also on the legislative side), although of course not everywhere. I have high hopes for the future, lol. I wish all of you so much happiness :-)

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